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Our Services

Our Services

The services we provide are based on years of experience from numerous projects and our sound expertise in the area of printing solutions.

Security Concepts

We offer you a wide range of concepts for securing your fleet of printers, photocopiers and MFPs. These concepts will be adjusted to your needs.

Workshops on secure printing and photocopying

Since the end of the year 2005, we have been organising security workshops for our customers in close cooperation with manufacturers and partners in Germany and other European countries. During these mostly one-day workshops, we inform the participants together with independent experts about current security topics with respect to printing, copying and scanning. Individual on-site workshops are particularly popular with major customers since all decision-makers of a company or a government agency can take part.


Secure device configuration

An essential part of a printer security concept consists in securing the communication capabilities of the devices and the protection of data stored on internal hard disks. Numerous protocols of almost all devices of all manufacturers are open in order to ensure full operability in any environment. Therefore, the partially available protective mechanisms for the hard disk have not been configured.

We will assist you in examining the existing infrastructure with respect to current safety requirements by securing communication capabilities that are not needed or are insecure within the framework of a security concept. Unused ports, for example, will be secured, current protocol versions, such as SNMP, be used or hard disks be operated in a secure way.

Our Safety Catalogue lists all protective measures for printers and MFPs and includes more than 200 general settings and recommendations.

The Safety Catalogue follows the recommendations of the “Module B 3.406 Printers, copiers, and all-in-one-devices” issued by the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security). The BSI is the German government agency in charge of managing IT security for the government and providing security recommendations for the use of IT euqipment in organisations and companies. We have completed the basic information included in the BSI Catalogue by adding the security approaches and recommendations of the different manufacturers, the public threat descriptions (hacker websites) and our practical experience from many projects. We are continuously adjusting and updating our Safety Catalogue with respect to the latest threats, developments and solutions.

In addition, we will assist you in the implementation of the security concept in the following ways:


Secure device configuration

  • Situational analyses
  • Process and requirements analyses
  • Concept
  • Devising a solution architecture
  • Planning
  • Operation concepts
  • Risk assessment and balancing
  • Verification through pilot environments
  • Rollout planning support
  • Implementation leading to integration
  • Support during operation

Confidentiality through authentication

Print jobs sitting in the output tray of central output device are a serious problem with respect to data security and privacy. How can you confront this problem efficiently?

The solution: During the printing process, confidential information will be output only after authentication has been performed by the lawful owner.

In addition, the functions Copying and Digital Sending (e.g. fax or send-to-email) at the MFP or copier can only be used after authentication has been performed. Most manufacturers support identification through LDAP, Kerberos, user code, card identification or PIN (as an option) depending on the safety level.

Print jobs that have not been retrieved will be deleted from the print server after a set time interval. An authentication concept will have a positive effect on the printing costs since not every document sent to the printer will be actually printed.

Data integrity through encryption

Printing data are encrypted before they are transmitted over the network. Encryption lasts from the time they are generated at the client to the moment of their output at the MFP. Encryption ensures that the electronic document print stream is protected against unauthorised access and manipulation.

Recording print, scan and copy processes

The print server records all the print job information in order to track improper use (in connection with authentication, scan and copy jobs are recorded, too).

The printing data can be assigned to individual departments or cost centres according to the allocation of printing costs. Active monitoring has a beneficial effect on the print volume since the users are more cost-sensitive.

Secure payment

If users at places such as schools, universities or libraries have to pay in advance for printing, copying and digital sending activities (e.g. fax or send-to-email), we offer secure solutions as to how they can revalue their print and copy account. The so-called “pay solution” checks whether there is enough credit on the account for the desired activity. The account can be safely revalued via credit card or EC card (internet transaction), cash points (ATMs) or cashier terminals.


Increasing cost effectiveness

For almost any fleet of devices, there is a potential for cost savings (especially when there are established structures).


Knowing the exact number of pages that is printed on the individual devices is the first step towards a successful reduction of printing costs. We can provide you with the necessary tools for easily monitoring and recording the print volume. The results can be analysed according to the device, the device group, the user group or the application.

Pull Print

Within the Pull Print concept, documents can only be printed after authentication has been performed at the device. If the user does not retrieve a print job after a defined time interval, it will be deleted. Without the Pull Print solution, print jobs that have not been retrieved would be sitting in the output tray of the device and posing a security risk.

Potential saving: up to 30 percent of the print volume

Rule Based Printing

Within the Rule Based Printing solution, print jobs will be filtered at the print server based on certain criteria, and defined parameters will be set. The introduction of printing rules can lead to cost savings. Emails, for example, can be automatically printed as black-and-white or on both sides of a sheet of paper. It is also possible to define certain user groups (through directory services such as Active Directory) that can only print with toner save.


Optimising fleet management

A fleet made up of devices belonging to different generations is often difficult to manage. The potential often remains untapped. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary tools for using the devices and server efficiently. We can optimise your fleet management so that important resources can be assigned elsewhere.


Other services

Training courses

We offer you comprehensive technical and commercial training courses for our product portfolio.
Our range of courses is tailored to our specialised commercial partners.


SafeCom certification

We can certify our specialised commercial partners as SafeCom Certified Resellers. Relevant staff will be certified after successful technical and commercial training.

3rd level support

We are the main SafeCom contact in Germany for our specialised commercial partners.

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